Due Date View will display your estimated due date along with how many weeks and days you are into your pregnancy, the trimester you are in and how many days are have left until your due date. It is much easier to use than a traditional “wheel”, as it allows for quick calculation and saves your data to refer back to.

Conception Types

This all-inclusive App allows you to choose from the following to help calculate your due date:

• the first day of your last period

• Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

• Retrieval/Ovulation

• Embryo Transfer Day 3

• Embryo Transfer Day 5

Plan Ahead Tool

Introducing the Plan Ahead tool, a unique feature that allows you to see how far along you will be in your pregnancy on a particular date. Simply tap the “Plan Ahead” button on your Due Date View screen and enter the date you are inquiring about. Based on your due date estimation, the Plan Ahead tool will estimate how many weeks, days, the trimester you will be in and how many days you have left to go in your pregnancy on the date you entered. This is invaluable when planning around holidays, travel, doctor’s visits, events, and more!

Gender Customization

Gender Customization is available by tapping the “Gender” button on your Due Date View screen. You may select “Don’t Know” and keep a gender-neutral icon on your screen or choose “Boy” or “Girl” to have a blue or pink onesie displayed. If you selected a gender and would like to change it, tap the “Clear” button on the Due Date View screen and re-enter the information.


Due Date View, which is part of the Women’s View network of apps designed specifically for women, gives you the option to register free. Once you register in any Women’s View app, your username and password will work on any of them. In addition, once you are logged in, key data points are shared across all apps so you only need to enter them once. For more information download the app or visit WomensView.com.

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